A PowerPoint presentation can be used at an information event.

16:9 (wide-screen)


Short and sweet

Standaard (4:3)

Met slidenummering
> Windows Dutch
> Windows English

Without slide numbering
> Windows Dutch
> Windows English

Title slide
Subsequent slides

Applying the house style to existing presentations

  • Use the following steps to convert PowerPoint presentations in the old house style to the new layout:

  • Open the new template in PowerPoint

  • Go to the Home tab > New Slide > Reuse Slides…> Slides from file (make sure that the ‘Keep source formatting’ checkbox, at the very bottom, is NOT ‘ticked’)

  • On the right-hand side: click on the Open a PowerPoint File link or click on the Browse button > Browse File...

  • Scroll to the existing presentation that you want to convert to the new house style

  • Select that file and click on Open

  • Insert the slides by clicking on each of them in turn

  • Copy the information from the old title slide (slide 2) to the new standard title slide (slide 1) and then delete the old title slide.

  • Go through all the slides and make changes where necessary, such as selecting all texts and clearing old formatting with a key combination, deleting old footers, etc.

  • Save the new presentation as a .pptx file under a new name (File > Save As)