Leiden University logos
UL - Algemeen - RGB-Kleur

This logo is used for communications in Dutch.

UL - Algemeen Internationaal - RGB-color

This logo is used for communications in English.

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Explanation of Leiden University logo

The Leiden University logo consists of:

  • An unvarying combination of the image mark (the seal) and the word mark ‘Universiteit Leiden’ as a graphic (rather than a font).
  • The normal colour of the logo is LEI-blue.

Addition of ‘The Netherlands’
For communications in English, the logo is used with the addition of ‘The Netherlands’.

Logo on a background
Please note: On a background (light or dark), the seal remains the same. On a dark background, the word mark ‘Universiteit Leiden’ is always in white (see example). If the product has a LEI-blue background (bag, sweater, pen etc, ) a variant of the logo in a single colour (white) is available

If you have any questions or would like advice on the use of logos, please contact us by email.

Logo - dimensions

  • 100% normal size for A4
  • Fixed space: 189 x 105 pt (66.7 x 37 mm)
  • Height of seal: 63 pt (22.2 mm)
  • Minimum distance: 21 pt

The University logo is supplied in one size. If a different size is required, linear enlargement or reduction can be applied to the appropriate file format. Each subsequent size can be obtained by enlarging the logo to 125% or reducing it to 80%. Enlargement and reduction works well with PDF files. However, PNG files are not particularly suitable for enlargement.

Logos of each faculty and its study programmes

The faculty logos are available via the tiles below. Each of the tiles gives access to both the Dutch and English logos as well as to the logos for all of the study programmes offered by that faculty.

UL - Archeologie - RGB-Kleur
UL - Geesteswetenschappen - RGB-Kleur
UL - Geneeskunde - CMYK
UL - Governance and Global Affairs - RGB-Kleur
UL - Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen - RGB
Institute logos
UL - Governance and Global Affairs - RGB
UL - Centre for Professional Learning - RGB
UL - Centre for Modern Urban Studies - RGB
UL - Centre for Innovation - Kleur
UL - Dual PhD Centre - RGB
UL - University College The Hague - RGB-Kleur