Minion or Minion Pro is the University’s primary font. Minion or Minion Pro is used for running text in printed material and in letter and report texts. The entire family may be used, but Regular, Italic and Bold are the most usual.

Minion Pro
The Minion Pro font (shown below) is an OpenType font. These fonts have a very extensive character set, including small capitals and four different types of numbers. Minion Pro also supports Cyrillic, Baltic, Greek and Eastern European languages.

Vestula is the University’s secondary font. It is used for headings (except on covers) and short texts. This font is only available on request. Please send your request by email.

Minion font
Vestula font

Web-safe fonts
In some cases, it is technically not possible to use a specific font, for example in an email. The following alternative fonts can then be used: the alternative for Minion is Georgia, and the alternative for Vestula is Verdana.